Our Story

STEP was founded in March, 2012. While volunteering at Toronto's annual 10K marathon on a chilly March day, Shekhar saw an elderly man walking around downtown in just his socks. Recognizing the need for an organization that collected shoes for impoverished Torontonians, he contacted his friends, and the idea for STEP became a reality!

Future Goals

Our future goals include the continued collection of shoes, and hosting youth workshop series to promote volunteerism in the Greater Toronto Area. Like us on Facebook to stay updated!


STEP is very fortunate to be able to work with Clothesline Charity, and the United Way of Peel to achieve our goals. We are also very grateful for the mentorship and support offered to us by ACCESS Charity: Allowing Children a Chance at Education.

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We are a grassroots non-profit & youth-run organization, working to end poverty & inspire social entrepreneurship one STEP at a time.

Collecting Shoes

The majority of people who own shoes do not make any attempt to make them last longer. They are chucked away at the first sign of tear. Partnering with Clothesline of the Canadian Diabetes Assosciation, we collect these "used" shoes so that they can be used by people who are not in the financial state to be able to afford new shoes.

Creating Awareness

One of the most important goals of Shoes to End Poverty is to raise awareness about our cause. We feel as if not enough people understand the magnitude of poverty that exists in our communities. To this extent, we raise awareness by social media, and appearances on TV & local newspapers.

We strive to have a meaningful impact on our community
by social service and inspiring other youth.

Recent Events and Articles

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